Tuesday, March 21, 2017


     WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22N., 2017

     I know I'm repeating myself or, rather, my
blog. But how could I not make sure you were
all aware of this important though unofficial
     Saint Patrick's Day and all of its related
parades and celebrations seem to get all the
attention during March.
      That's too bad because there are a lot of
other things well worth celebrating in this
month which heralds the arrival of Spring.
       Take today, for instance, This is
"National Goof Off Day!" It was created
by Monica Dufour of Davison Mi. and her
grandfather. He had a radio show and was
encouraging people to call in with ideas.
She disguised her voice and called with
a suggestion that there be a "Goof-Off Day."
A newspaper heard the call and printed a
story supporting the idea. So there you
have it!
    I've been rehearsing for this day for
many years! I think I've just about got it
down to a science.
        They did a survey a few years back
and found that most of those who
"celebrated" this unusual holiday did so
by playing video games.
       That seemed a bit strenuous for me.
       I elected to just sit around as much
as possible and do pretty much nothing!
       I would have no objections to
extending this observance to a week or
more. In fact "National Goof Off Month"
seems to offer a lot of potential to my
way of thinking.
      One small bit of advice. If you plan
to celebrate by taking the day off from
work you might be better off suggesting
you're ill rather than citing this holiday
as the reason. Some bosses don't observe
the day.
      Hope you'll mark it on your
calendar and that all your NEWS is good!


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