Monday, March 6, 2017


   TUESDAY, MARCH 7TH., 2017

    I needed an old soft shoe Monday.
Not the tap dance for which the phrase
is associated. I mean a soft shoe
literally. One that wouldn't press on
on very tender foot!
     My problems started Friday when
I began to notice a slightly uncomfortable
feeling in my right foot.
     That feeling turned into pain on
Saturday. First rather mild. But quite
serious by the end of the day.
      The best I could do for myself
Sunday was to stay off my feet and
take some anti inflammatory over
the counter medicine.
       So as the pain continued I
waited for Monday with the
anticipation of getting in to see my
foot doctor for some real care.
       But when we called he learned
he was out of town till Friday. We
telephoned the "On Call Doctor"
covering for my guy....but he wasn't
due in till 1 in the afternoon!
       Luckily our new Family Doctor
agreed to see me even though my
regular appointment wasn't scheduled
till today.
       Having problems walking my
new doctor's first view of me was
entering his office with cane in hand.
I explained I had no straw hat nor
tap shoes.
       He did some checking and ordered
an X ray on my ailing foot. Hopefully
I'll get those results and recommendations
today. Maybe I'll be able to tap dance after
I'm better. Although I never did before!
       Hope I can at least do the Texas
two step soon and that all your NEWS is


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