Thursday, March 9, 2017


   FRIDAY, MARCH 10TH., 2017

   Thursday didn't look especially
promising this week. We usually watch
the 19-month-old grandson Thursday.
But with my foot still aching we had to
face the reality there was no way I
could keep up with him the way I have
to. Still the prospect of an "empty
house" was a bit discouraging.
     Imagine our excitement then when
our oldest grandson showed up and
saved the day!
     He's on Spring break this week and
had a few hours before he had to show
up at the Karate School to do some
teaching. That bit of information is
meant to suggest he's in pretty good
shape. Good enough in fact to help my
wife get the heavy walker she had recovered
for me earlier in the week back into our
crowded shed.
      There was some grocery shopping
waiting to be done as well and, unlike
his little cousin, this fellow is driving
his own car. So, instead of being stuck
inside with me, my wife joined the
grandson and restocked some of our
empty shelves!
        Of course we would have been
thrilled just to have him sit and talk
with us as long as he could. But, in
this case, his visit really rescued us!
        Whatever their age it's great
to have grandkids!
        Hope they all come around
often so that all our NEWS is good!

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