Tuesday, March 7, 2017


     WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8TH., 2017

   Sleep was virtually impossible Monday
night! Whatever the cause of my foot pain
it was so severe I couldn't keep it in one
position for more that about 20 seconds
nor could I cover it with a blanket for
fear of escalating the pain.
    After hours of moaning my wife dug
out a left over-way out of date mussel
relaxant that put me half way out. But
with the ach ever present.
     I had a 10:50 appointment with our
family doctor who, by then, would have
the results of the X-rays taken Monday
      My first hurdle was to get to the bathroom
before we left. I's only 20 feet from the
bedroom. But there's no way I could put
any weight on the foot. My attempt to use
crutches nearly threw me on the floor. But
I managed to get in and out then limp down
the hall. We've only got three steps to our
front porch, but negotiating them with the
crutches was like taking on Everest for me!
      My wife had to drive. There was no way
I could work the gas and brake with my
right foot.
      We were right on time heading for that
appointment when she hit the pothole! The
tire went flat by the time we turned off the
Expressway and just off the exit ramp. It
was, of course, raining!
      Our first call was to the Doctor's office
to make sure we'd still be welcome when and
if we could get there. Then a call to Forty
Fort Lube where our friends arranged for
a service truck for Ayers Towing to get to
us so the spare "donut tire" could be
        While we waited in the rain a State
Police Trooper pulled up behind us with
his lights flashing so my wife was safe from
passing traffic while she cleared out the
trunk. I, of course, just sat in the front
passenger's seat and moaned as my foot
throbbed! The Trooper then had to leave
but set up flares to assure our safety.
         Minutes later the repairman showed
up and worked to free our spare which was
somehow fastened a bit more securely than
it should have been.
         The rain stopped and the sun came out
just as he finished the task.
          At the doctors minutes later my wife
helped my into a walker on wheels left over
from a foot operation she had several years
ago. Unfortunately we were on a slight incline
and the breaks were not as sensitive as we
thought. I might have rolled into traffic were
it not for Wonder Woman (my wife's) swift
catch! She then wheeled me into the doctor
who reported the X rays were good even though
the foot wasn't. I got some stiff pain medication
and anti-inflammatories which, by the time you
read this, will have eased my pain and, hopefully,
allowed me to sleep.
          I also managed to drop my drawers for my
quarterly allergy shot and get my jeans back on
without falling on the floor!
          All that in one morning! Thanks to my
wife, the folks at Forty Fort Lube, Ayers
Towing, and my doctor for getting me through
"One of those days."
           Hope it's the last like that for awhile and
that all your NEWS is good!
(No photo friends! The last thing any of you
should want to see is my foot!)                 

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