Wednesday, March 8, 2017


    THURSDAY, MARCH 9TH., 2017
         HELLO MY NAME IS......

   I nearly missed out on some important
events this week because of my sore foot.
Since I was keeping you up to date on
my medical problems I neglected to mention
this was "International Celebrate Your Name
   Each day there is a separate "celebration"
tied in with one's name!
   March 5th, for instance, was "Namesake
Day" during which one was encouraged to
ponder the origin of one's name. Maybe
you were named after your father or mother
or a grandparent.
     Me? I think I was named after that kid
who killed the giant with a rock. It's OK.
He became a King. Although in my case I'm
still waiting for my coronation! 
      March 8 was "Discover What Your Name
Means Day." Mine was easy. David means
beloved. De means of. And Cosmo means
the universe. "Beloved of the Universe." Hey!
That's a great name for a King!
      March 9th is "Nametag Day." I pretty
sure, at one time or another, each of us has
been handed one of those white sticky
papers with two blue lines separating an area
where we're suppose to use a Magic Marker to write
our name so old friends and classmates can
identify us without having to ask who the
heck we are!
      My grandson got his first at our Singley
Family Reunion last year. He really needed
one since, at just one year old, no one would
have recognized him from previous gatherings!
      By the way Friday is "Middle Name Day"
and that's where I fit in at the Singley Reunion.
It was my Mom's maiden name!
       Of course I have been called my many
names over the years including a few not
coming from admirers.
       Hope you don't call me "Late for Supper"
and that all your NEWS is good!

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