Friday, March 17, 2017


   SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH., 2017
              GETTING A LIFT!

    My son, now a father himself, reminded
me of the times I used to hoist him onto my
shoulders and carry him on the boardwalk
or at the park.
     On Friday, after three days confined
to bed with an extremely hurting foot, I
finally got an appointment with my Foot
      The only problem was getting out of
the house, into a car, out of the car, into
the doctor's office, out of the doctor's
office, back in and out of a car, and then
back into my house.
       And this time it was the son lifting
the father to get through all those
obstacles! Fortunately with the additional
aid of some crutches he didn't have to
carry me on his shoulders! I believe,
however, he could have had it come to
that. Just getting off the sofa and in
position to hold the crutches became
simple because of his strong hands!
       I don't think I could have handled
the steps, up or down, without his aid.
       I never pictured him lifting me back
in the days I carried him above the crowd.
I don't suppose he ever pictures his little
boy doing the same for him some day.
       But if he turns out anything like
his Dad, he'll be there when and if he's
       Thank you son!
        Hope all your NEWS is good!

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