Wednesday, March 29, 2017


   THURSDAY, MARCH 30TH., 2017
          WALK IN THE PARK!

    The phrase "a walk in the park"
suggests your task will be an easy one.
Well this is the day to check that out!
March 30th is "Take A Walk In The
Park Day!"
     I got a jump on this unusual
"holiday" Wednesday when the sun
was just bright enough to lure me
into a short walk along the Susquehanna
in West Pittston.
     I spotted a couple of benches just
waiting for their owners to show up
to enjoy the view. And Spring
flowers were shooting up as though
they were checking to make sure all
that blizzard snow was gone.
      It was still jacket weather. But
all signs point to days ahead when
a shorts will be the order of the
     Hope you'll get out for a bit 
 on this 'Walk in the park day" and
that all your NEWS is good!

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