Thursday, March 2, 2017


     FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD., 2017

    I took my grandson for a walk at
the Wyoming Valley Mall Thursday.
He enjoys looking in all the stores,
munching on an Auntie Anne's pretzel,
and checking out the small amusement
"rides" that attract most all little kids.
    On this visit, however, I fell victim
to what may be the biggest scam
connected to these miniature
      There's a Barney character
molded to the side of what looks like
a little train. For 75 cents your child
or grandchild can hear a recording
of Barney's voice while the tiny
engine rocks back and forth and a
whistle and bell sound at the touch
of a button.
        On Thursday however, my three
quarters netted nothing. I, probably
like a lot of others, somehow believed
I had miscounted and added still another
quarter to the mix. Result......nothing!
        Given the fact that a working
model would have given us about 60
to 90 seconds of "enjoyment" I felt
especially short changed!
        Of course there was no one
around to either fix the machine or
return my money. There never is.
And I suspect most customers
simply accept the loss which, over
the course of time, probably yields
a fair income to the owner of these
        How many times have you see
a model horse outside a market that
your little one just has to ride only to
find the best you can do is allow them
to sit in the saddle as your coins clunk
into a repository that triggers nothing?
        I've grown accustomed to placing
the grandson on or in one of these
attractions then shaking the whole
thing as much as possible to
simulate the action that might
result from a financial contribution.
I can usually match the minute or so
the machine is suppose to offer.
        Of course I usually end up doing
this after first wasting a buck or so in
vain attempts to get the amusement to
        Hope the repair man shows up
soon and that all your NEWS is good.


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  1. Many of us have victims don't feel alone