Thursday, March 23, 2017


   FRIDAY, MARCH 24TH., 2017
              LIGHTS OUT!

    My wife and I headed to Philadelphia
Thursday for a medical appointment.
The trip became a little easier a couple
years ago when we decided to sign up
for E-ZPass.
     For those who don't already know
an E-ZPass is a small unit you keep in
your car that's electronically scanned
when you enter and leave a toll road
like the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Your
toll is automatically paid out of your
account and you don't have to stop to
get a ticket or to pay a toll, And, it's
less expensive than paying cash!
     When you enter the toll highway
a little "traffic light" goes from red
to green as you're unit is scanned.
That way you know you're good to
go. For the past 16 years the
Turnpike Commission has been
advising motorists to watch for
that green light as they drive
through the toll plazas.
      At least that's the way it was!
      We had just returned from our
trip when we received a letter from
E-ZPass informing us that the little
"traffic light" will soon disappear!
       Why? Well it turns out that
Federal Guidelines prohibit the
use of such devices! Yep. The
"Fed's" have a rule about such
       I've got believe many
people who don't read the small
print will now be stopping, or at
least slowing down, when they
don't see any confirmation that
their EZ-Pass has registered.
       Any such reaction, of course,
will end up slowing down traffic
lanes that are suppose to be used
to speed up traffic,
        Hope the rest of our traffic
signals are safe from     

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