Wednesday, March 15, 2017



  OK friends, This one is personal! I
love to recognize unusual "holidays"
whether they're official or not.
  March 16th is one of them! It is
"Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!"
   I have three children, their spouses,
six grandkids, and one Foreign
exchange student that all qualify
under the term Incredible!
   Our kids and their spouses have
always been there for us, We try to
be for them as well. All of them
have contacted us during the
Blizzard to make sure we were OK.
   Two of them even conspired on a
scheme to try to get us to move in
with our one daughter during the
storm. As I've been dealing with
some serious foot pain I was just
as happy to be in my own bed
where I've been camped out since
   I've entertained myself texting
my older grandkids suggesting it
was my decision to close the
schools to give them more morning
sleep time.
   I was on speaker phone with the
two youngest today reciting a
pome that's been in the family as
long as I can remember.
   The oldest grandson is 18. He
never leaves me without a hug!
    The "middle" grandson just
turned 14. He never leaves me
without a hug either. And he'll
do anything for you!
    That's sort of a natural thing
for the girls. And I really
appreciate it. All three are
beautiful young ladies and
each has her own talents.
     The little guy is just 19-
months and the hardest part
of being off my feet in sharing
my Thursdays with him. He's
still in "hug training,"
      Out daughter's exchange
student became one of the
family very quickly. Off to
my right is a colorful envelope
with a dollar he gave to me
for luck on Chinese New Year.
      I hope they all enjoy a
really Incredible Kid Day and
that all their, and your. NEWS
is good!
      Here's my crew from
Wildwood 2016! And then
exchange student Kile!                                             

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