Saturday, March 4, 2017


   SUNDAY, MARCH 5TH., 2017

   I thought I should tell you right away.
And I will. Soon.
   Today begins the week of March 5th.
I was going to put up some decorations
to celebrate this auspicious week long
observance. But I may not get to it till
Thursday or Friday.
    But that's OK because this is National
Procrastination Week! It's a "national holiday"
devoted to procrastination and putting-off
important tasks. It is an annual event that
takes place during the first two weeks of
March. But, in spirit of the holiday, the
specific dates change annually.
     I have been accused of observing
this "holiday" year round. I will respond
to that a later date.
     So, let's all get started and celebrate
by putting something off for the moment!
Hope you enjoy the day and that all your
NEWS is good!

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