Saturday, March 11, 2017


   SUNDAY, MARCH 12TH., 2017
             I'M NOT READY!

      Remember when we "fell back"
just a couple months ago and gained
an extra hour of sleep?
       Well now they want it back! And
if you followed the rules you either
got up at what was 2am and re-set your
clocks to 3 or cheated and did all that
re-setting before you went to bed.
      I have truly been enjoying that
extra hour we got in the Fall and have,
on occasion, added an extra hour or two
for myself on days when I knew I had
absolutely nothing I had to do.
      Maybe that's why I'm not ready
for this switch to Eastern Daylight
Savings Time! The last thing I need
with a foot that's still aching and
temperatures below freezing is
an early reveille!
       In fact I'd be in favor of going
back an extra hour...or two!
       I know the sun will be in the sky
later in the day. But from what I've
heard that will just help us see all the
new snow they say is coming into the
evening hours.
        Since I don't want the Clock Police
coming to visit I'll play by the rules and
re-set my clocks. But that doesn't mean
I have to touch the alarm!
        Hope you're right on time and that
all your NEWS is good!

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