Monday, March 13, 2017


   TUESDAY, MARCH 14TH., 2017

 The prospect of a blizzard is bringing
back memories for me.
  About a dozen years ago or so I bought
a used Chevy Suburban. It was the vehicle
of my dreams. Seating for 9. Cargo room,
and lots of it, behind the seats. And four
wheel drive when needed.
   My kids, who always heard me say
 "Something neat" in reply to their
questions about what I wanted for
Christmas or my Birthday, got me a
front license plat that read. "Something
   That SUV was a beast!
    During the Valentine's Blizzard a few
years ago we received a report that a
building at the Reserve Center near Nay
Aug Park had collapsed. No one was on
the road. Not even the plows at that time.
    I told my photographer to put his gear
in my Suburban instead of the company
car. I shifted into Four Wheel Low and
drove, without stopping, from downtown
Scranton up the hills to the Center where,
fortunately, we learned it was a supply
structure, rather than the main building,
that had been damaged. No problem
getting there and back while just about
everything else was stuck!
    I used that Chevy to tow a couple
family members out of snow drifts and
over slippery road a number of times
over the years.
    The only real downside was the 42
gallon gas tank at a time when gas was
about $4 a gallon!
     Over the years we loaded people and
beach supplies into the Suburban for our
annual vacation at the shore. I may have
used more gas than most other cars. But
I could take one vehicle instead or two.
      Winters were no match for the Chevy.
Winter snows that is! Unfortunately the
use of that liquid salt on area highways
proved to be its downfall. Rust took out
both the gas and the brake lines and the
frame began to deteriorate as well.
      Some engine problems finally did
me in. I just couldn't afford to cover a
fix knowing the rust would likely nix
the next inspection anyway.
      And so, at 225,000 miles, the "hook"
finally hauled my Suburban away.
      I think about it often. But especially
in bad weather. It's not that I want to
drive through heavy snow. It's knowing
that I could if I had to!
      The Suburban is gone. But I still have
that license plate and I'm keeping my eyes
open....just in case I come across another
used "Beast."
       Hope I find one (that I can afford) and
that all your NEWS is good!

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