Friday, March 10, 2017


   SATURDAY, MARCH 11TH., 2017

    If you've ever had a yen to look into
your family's origin and history this would
be the perfect day to start. March 11th is
Genealogy Day!
    Climb into your family tree! Jiggle some
branches.  Start piecing together your personal
history via one of the world’s most intriguing
hobbies, genealogy!  Discover the names of
the branches of your family tree.
There are fascinating name puzzles ready to
be put together.
    Thanks to one woman dedicated to this
kind of research I'm able to trace my mother's
family back to the American Revolution. This
woman serves as Secretary of our annual
Singley Family Reunion.
     Another local gal heads the Northeastern
Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. She's
helped me find the names and birth places of
a Grandfather, great grandfather, and great
great grandfather I never even knew!
     Of course I think it's only fair to remind
you. You can pick your friends, your church,
and your hobbies. You can even pick your
nose! But you can't pick your relatives.
      A search by my wife turned up some
connection with an Italian family in New
York that's probably already had extensive
background checks done by the FBI!
      Still it's a lot of fun to look. Hope you
turn up some rich relatives and that all your
NEWS is good!

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