Wednesday, February 15, 2017


              NOW CUT THAT OUT!

      I got held up a few minutes while driving
along the back road near my house. I often take
that route because it's off the main highway.
There's usually next to no other traffic and it's
a pleasant drive through a wooded rural area!
      But on this particular day I found the road
blocked by a tractor-like vehicle with a long
mechanical arm extended into the trees and
      I suppose it's a good idea to keep the
forest back a bit from the road. But this
was a little more than a "trimming job!"
      The rotary blades extending from the
tractor were hacking away branches and
leaving trees looking like a bunch of
explorers were cutting their way through
the jungle with machetes!
       I suppose it's not a big enough
project to attract environmentalists who
might chain themselves to the trees to
protect them. And, come to think of it,
those blades would make short (and I
do mean short) work of any protestors
       I'm not sure who commissioned
the project and, again, it may make the
road safer in the long run. But, for the
short haul, it sure looks like a mess!
       Hope the limbs grow back and
that all your NEWS is good!

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