Thursday, February 23, 2017


           "RUN FOREST! RUN!"

     Forest Gump is on my mind as I write
today's essay. Especially the line "Run
Forest! Run!"
     I was never into competitive running.
But back in the day I was known to jog
3 miles of so every day. That became a
daily walk for a long time. But I must
admit I fell out of the habit about a half
year ago or so.
     I am determined to get started again.
As soon as I'm moved to take that first
     But when it happens it will be a
walk. Not a jog. And definitely not a
    There are, of course, several kinds of
completive running! I was actually
encouraged to do some running by a good
friend last week. But in his case he suggested
I might consider a run for School Board!
     As a long time newsman I have always
stayed outside the political arena. That's
not to say I didn't have interest. Back
about the time I was actually running,
jogging that is, I was approached about
the possibility of running for District
      I gave the matter some serious
thought. I've always love the law and
the possibility of a seat on the minor
judiciary did seem appealing. Running
for the office did not. Ethically I would
have had to go off the air lest I have an
advantage over opponents who did not
have daily access to a radio or television
      While flattered about the School
Board suggestion it's one office that
didn't spark any interest in my mind.
       As for other future possibilities
I, like James Bond, will never say
never. But for now I'll let some other
"Forest" do the running,
        Hope all your NEWS is good!

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