Friday, February 24, 2017


                        IT'S A TIE!

     I fought it off on Thursday. With temperatures
far above what you'd expect for February I still
started out with a warm jacket and made sure my
grandson had both his coat and hood on and up
as we went outside for what eventually turned
into three walks. By the third I had switched to
a windbreaker and he had shed the hood and
opened the coat.
      But temptation won out on Friday as the
temperature climbed still higher and the sun
stayed out throughout the day.
      Under normal circumstances my Miata
stays covered and off the road until the first
good rain after the last road crew application
of salt on area highways.
      But on Friday I just couldn't resist! The
cover came off, the top came down, and my
wife and I headed out for a summer-like
drive to a nearby State Park.
       After that a few miles spent on some
back roads before heading back home
where the inside temperature was a mere
one degree above the outside reading!
       Still, it was a "Tie." Temptation did
get us out with the top down. But I managed
to drive past the Ice Cream Shop!
       Hope there's more like this to come and
that all your NEWS is good!


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