Wednesday, February 1, 2017


       Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil is
the man, actually rodent, of the hour every
February 2nd. His shadow, or the lack of
shadow, is said to be a prediction of how
soon we'll see Spring show up.
       But while Phil tends to get most of
the attention, it turns out he's not the
only meteorologist presenting a forecast.
It's kind of like all the guys on our local
TV stations. Each offering their own
take on the weather. One sees it as
partly cloudy while the other calls for
partly sunny.
        I wonder how many of you have
heard of Phil's competition? Let's see.
 Balzac Billy in Balzac, Alberta,BC
 Chattanooga Chuck in Tennessee
 Chesapeake Chuck in Virginia
 Chuckles in Connecticut
 Dunkirk Dave in New York
 French Creek Freddie in West Virginia
 Gen. Beauregard Lee in Georgia
 Grady the Groundhog in North Carolina
 Holtsville Hall, another New Yorker
 Buckeye Chuck in Ohio
 Malverne, he's from New York too
 Nibbles, another North Carolina forecaster
 Staten Island Chuck from the Big Apple
 and Stormy Marmot from Colorado.
       I've actually omitted a couple more
from Canada since there's some question
as to whether Spring exists there at all.
       As for the others, if Phil doesn't call
it the way you'd like check out his cousins
and take a drive into an early spring. It's
bound to be there somewhere!
       Hope you find it (sooner than later)
and that all your NEWS is good!

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