Saturday, February 18, 2017


                  A PET STORY!

    I notice many of my friends on Facebook
posting photos and stories about their pets.
    I have never been a "pet person." I did,
like Rocky, have a couple of tiny turtles
for awhile when I was a kid. They didn't
last very long and I never longed for any
pets after that.
       Then a couple years ago my wife and I
took in a Cockatiel whose owner was moving
and could not bring the bird along. We enjoyed
a couple years with "Sam" who, at least, could
"converse" with us to a limited extent. I was
OK with "Sam."
        Now the only pets in our home are in
the care of my wife. And yesterday their
population increased. And, no, we do not
have rabbits!
        We, more my wife that me, have a
collection of fish. She's been managing her
aquarium for several years now. I got it for
her on Christmas one year.
         She names each fish although I never can
remember any of them. And they change from
time to time as one or two cross, or swim
under, the Rainbow Bridge. I'm not sure how
that works with fish!
          Fish actually turn out to be very
practical pets. Although you can't pet them
or take them for a walk they are calming to
watch and can live on special food cubes
while you're away for a week. It's also kind
of neat that you don't have to leave them
anything to drink!
          My wife added several new fish to
the tank Saturday in part to replace one who
managed to swim into the filter apparatus a
couple weeks ago. By now they all have
names. I won't even ask!
          Hope they enjoy their new home...and
that all your NEWS is good.

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