Tuesday, January 17, 2017



     I survived Friday the 13th pretty well. It
was Sunday the 15th that presented the
     The day seemed to be going very well.
After church our pastor and his wife drove
us to dinner at our favorite restaurant. After
that we were off for a nice ride on what was
a very sunny day.
     That night, however, I discovered the
small ho locomotive I had stored away
simply refused to run. I was probably still
sulking over that when my tray table
collapsed sending my laptop to the floor
and shattering the wine glass. But not
before some of the spilled wine found its
was into my computer and shutting it down.
     I went to bed imaging the possibility of
having to buy a new laptop and sending my
locomotive out to a repair shop somewhere.
     But, with Monday's dawn, came hope!
Although a bit sticky I discovered my
laptop had fired up again and some careful
scrubbing with a towelette left the keypad
workable again! It's my belief the Computer
Elves stopped by overnight, got inside the
laptop, and drank what wine flowed in.
     Inspired by my success I treated my
little locomotive to an application of oil
from my wife's hair cutting key and, wow.
it was soon chugging round the tracks.
      If only I learned to leave well enough
      Feeling fairly high I decided to try my
drone just outside the house. I got it up
pretty high and nearly flew it back when
it found its way into a tree just across the
street. We used a limb trimmer to shake it
down. Unfortunately it was what most
pilots would call a "hard landing" and the
landing "skids" didn't handle it too well.
The thin plastic snapped leaving me
without a landing assembly.
       I've returned it to its box temporarily
hoping the Drone Elves will sneak in and
fix it. If not I'll have to either send for some
parts or take my chances using glue! The
latter effort of course could leave me
permanently attached to the flying machine!
        Well, I suppose two out of three "isn't
bad." Now for a glass of wine........in the
other room! Hope all your NEWS is good!

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