Tuesday, January 24, 2017


                    SHOW TIME?

       Back in the days when I was on the regular
News beat I was often asked how I came up with
my stories. One method that often allowed me
to break news was to comb through newspaper
legal ads. Few took my advice. But it often
worked just fine for me.
       So it was I found myself scanning those
ads when I picked up a paper while waiting
for my wife at the dentist Tuesday.
       And there is was. Another small legal
advertisement that offered itself as a breaking
story...for anyone willing to look!
       The note was filed by the Luzerne
County Zoning Board which will be hearing
a request from a gentleman who wants to
re-establish an old Drive In Movie Theater!
Eric Symeon from Exeter is seeking a Zoning
variance that he'll need to rebuild the old
Moonlight Drive In Theater in West
         The theater closed in the 1980's. But
the marque, screen, ticket booth, and remnants
of the concession stand/projection booth can
still be seen at the site. Cheri Sundra did a
wonderful photo essay on the drive in back
in 2012.
        In the 1950's Pennsylvania had more
than 180 Drive In movie theaters. At last
count there were less than 40! Northeastern
and Central Pennsylvania still has a number
of them operating. Only in the summer of
        Personally, I'd love to see this one
reborn! It's close enough for a date night!
With my wife of course!
        I shared my "news discovery" with my
former colleagues in Television. I hope they
share it with their viewers. But, then again,
Social Media is now the major source of news
so I'm happy to be able to share my "scoop"
with you!
       Hope it happens....and that all your NEWS
is good! 

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