Saturday, January 7, 2017



  I managed to drag myself out of bed
Saturday. It was the first time in a week
I managed to do it. But Saturday was
Russian Christmas and I planned to try
to enjoy it.
   There was grocery shopping to be
done. But leaving the house is not yet
an option. Standing up is enough of a
    Fortunately my grand daughter made
herself available to help my wife at the
grocery store. She saved the day in that
    Although we're not Russian my wife
and I always gather a few small gifts
for the immediate family on January
7th. We just love extending the
Christmas season. This year, however,
she had to do all the shopping for
presents since I've been off my feet
for the better part of a week! They
don't get any better than her!
     My grandson from Drums stopped
by to pick up our gifts for his family
while my wife was able to deliver
items to our other daughter's house
when she picked up my grand daughter
for the shopping.
     Later my son, daughter-in-law,
grand daughter and grandson sopped by
to open their presents. That really
brightened my day especially since I
wasn't well enough to baby sit with my
grandson during the week.
    It was like enjoying December 25th
all over again.
    I even landed a neat gift myself.
Models of the characters from "A
Christmas Carol." Now I can spend
some extra time with the ghosts of
Christmas, past, present, and
future! How great it would be if
we, like the reformed Scrooge, would
keep the spirit of Christmas alive all
through the year!
   Hope you'll try, and that all your
NEWS is good! 

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