Saturday, January 21, 2017


        SUNDAY, JANUARY 22ND., 2017
                    THE HANGOVER!

      So, as I reported just about this same time
last week I had a bit of an accident with my
laptop when the folding table upon which it
sat, folded! Well collapsed is a more accurate
       The half full wine glass fell to the floor
with my computer and, apparently drunk with
the vino, shut down.
       The next morning I was surprised to find
my unit up and running again. It was pretty much
normal except for some sticky spots on the
keyboard. I've used it all week. But, yesterday,
it seemed to have developed some problems!
       When I hit the space bar this comes up on
the screen     /NB6. When I touch the "N" key
I get   NB6, And when I hit the "B" key I come
up with   B6. Along with all that my backspace
arrow key doesn't do anything!
        Now were I in Washington I suppose I
might assume that I had been hacked by
Russia or, perhaps, any number of other nations.
Logic, however, suggests I would be a poor and
wasted target for foreign spies.      
        It seems more likely that my laptop has
just now developed a Hangover!
        I am, therefore, using an old backup
computer to allow me to type this blog without
having to erase an extra letter or number or
symbol in every sentence!
        I am checking with a detox (computer
expert friend) to find out what it will take to
get my laptop "on the wagon" and working
properly again. Till then at least I have good
reason for being a little slow!
       Hope all your NEWS is good!

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