Wednesday, January 4, 2017



   I admit to feeling a bit down after three
days in bed and virtually no appetite. It
hasn't been my diet of choice. But it has
knocked off a few extra pounds in just a
couple of days!
    Still, my lack of energy coupled with
the occasional sound of rain had me in
the doldrums.
     Realizing I'd probably be out of action
for another two days or so didn't make me
feel any better especially since one of those
days would have been spent in the company
of my little grandson. Having to give up
any time with him is not a happy thought.
     The allergy and cough medicines were
beginning to have some positive effects.
But not to my mental well being.
      Then my own personal EMT showed
up with the perfect prescription! It was
my grand daughter Jenna to hand delivered
a concoction that has become know in my
family as "Dad's pie." It has evolved from
one my mother made years ago and which
my late brother and I often argued as to which
of us was eligible for the last piece.
        My daughter Cassie learned how to make
it and passed the receipt along to Jenna who
made it for our New Year's Noon celebration
on Sunday. It was put away to chill and
forgotten in all the excitement of welcoming
        Jenna did not forget and delivered it
Wednesday. We immediately shared some
and I am feeling much better! Thank you
nurse Jenna!
        There's still a couple dosages (that
is pieces) left and I fully intend to take my
         Hope all your, and my, NEWS is


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