Friday, January 13, 2017


             THE BEAST FEAST!

       Our little church is blessed with some
good marksmen (and women). And once
each year these hunters share a taste of their
bounty with the congregation and anyone
else in the community who cares to partake!
       It's called "The Beast Feast!"
       My wife and I and a lot of our family
joined in the dinner Friday night at our
church hall.
       The menu included such delicacies as
Pleasant Bar-B-Q, Venison Stroganoff, and
Smoked Deer Cheesesteak just to name a
few. There was chicken and a few other
"regular dishes" for those who aren't game
on game.
         We had a good crowd. That is in
addition to "my crowd" and there was
enough food to offer seconds to those
still hungry after round one.
          We like to fill folks with God's
message at our church. And sometimes
you can deliver the spirit of that message
by filling them with food. It's just another
way of giving people what we all need....
plenty of good NEWS!

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