Wednesday, January 11, 2017


              HOLIDAY ON ICE!

      The folks at Disney On Ice could have
rehearsed their afternoon show in front of my
home Wednesday morning! Every inch of
surface was glazed with a ice coat that made
taking a simple step risky!
       But it was also the day my wife wanted
to get all those boxes of Christmas supplies
packed away till next year.
       Rock salt had little impact. Time was
more effective as 31degrees gradually changed
to 32 and finally readings above freezing.
       As the promised melt began, but with ice
still present, my Grandson took over the task
at hand, fearlessly!
       Half walking, half sliding to our storage
shed he handled all of the heavy boxes without
loss of one ornament or decoration!
        I'm thinking he may want to audition for
Disney! Not willing to play the roll of Dopey,
I limited my participation to taking photos from
the safety of my front porch.
         I'm not one for skating on thin ice! That's
why one has grandkids!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!


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