Wednesday, January 25, 2017


              DOUBLE DIPPING!

      My wife's sudden craving for popcorn
has lead to an interesting movie scene. Not
a scene in the movie. But a scene at the movie.
      Every year we buy one of those Popcorn
Buckets that allow us to buy our popcorn at
a reduced rate each time we return to see a
      Up until recently the bucket has provided
an adequate supply for me since I was the only
one partaking. In the past my wife never even
wanted a taste.
      Now that's changed. She can handle one
of those buckets all by herself. But we only
have one!
      So, picture this "movie scene!" I step up
to the concession stand and hand the
attendant my bucket. He, or she, fills it with
popcorn. I hand the full bucket to my wife
who immediately dumps it into a quart size
plastic bag. I take the now empty bucket and
hand it back to the attendant who refills it.
Sure, I have to pay twice. But each, at least,
is at the reduced rate for the bucket.
       Last time the dumping part took place
inside the auditorium where our feature was
to play. That forced me to leave my seat and
go back to the concession stand with a
bucket the attendant was well aware he had
just filled 6 minutes before. Probably figured
I ate fast.
       Yesterday there was no one in line to
enjoy our "act." I suspect we'll eventually
draw a crowd and become part of some
people's afternoon entertainment.
       Maybe they'll just let us use last year's
bucket! That would make things a lot
       Hope your buckets filled and all your
NEWS is good!

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