Saturday, January 28, 2017


    SUNDAY, JANUARY 20TH., 2017
            CLUES AND PIECES!

    My wife and at least one of my sisters-
in-law should be in their glory today!
    This is "National Puzzle Day." I, on
the other hand, am totally puzzled by
their fascination with Crossword and
Picture puzzles.
     Every now and then a family
conversation with my sister-in-law in
Florida turns into a session during
which she and my wife trade clues and
possible answers to one of those word
games. And that's just on Skype!
     We recently received a package in
the mail from my brother-in-law in
California. It was filled with picture
puzzle pieces and a note detailing the
time it took him to put it together.
He's a puzzle nut too! It must run in
their family!
     My wife immediately took it to
the other room and began to
reassemble it, keeping careful track
of the time she spent so she could
out do her brother. There are boxes
of puzzles stored on our shelves. And
once they're done they're given to
someone else and replaced with some
new challenge.
      I've just never been big on
puzzles. In fact, if captured, the
enemy would have more success
by putting a puzzle in front of me than
by any waterboarding technique!
      When I want a good
puzzle I'll read or watch Sherlock Homes.
He always puts the pieces together and
knows all the right words!
       But, if you're into puzzles, this
is your day. Hope all the pieces fit
and that all your NEWS is good!


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