Sunday, January 29, 2017


    MONDAY, JANUARY 30TH., 2017

        Looking for the perfect gift
for the kid who has everything?
You may find the answer by
joining me in observing today's
unusual "holiday."
       For those who don't already
know the last Monday in January
is "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!"
         This protective plastic
based material is, of course,
designed to protect all sorts of
products that are shipped from
one place to another. But who
can resist popping those little
air pockets when you're holding
that wrap in your hands?
        "The kid who has everything?"
Heck, the urge to pop those
bubbles is contagious and it's not
limited to kids. That said, I met a
guy at Walmart in December who
picked up a large roll which he
intended to divide and give as
stocking stuffers. It may be the
ideal gift!
      According to holidayinsights.
com, allegedly, a radio station in
Bloomington, Indiana received a
shipment of microphones wrapped
in bubble wrap. While unwrapping
and setting up the microphones,
the sound of bubble wrap popping
was inadvertently broadcast on the
radio. And so, Bubble Wrap
Appreciation Day was born.
      Some "poppers" say it's a great
stress relief. Of course that may
depend on whether you're the
popper or the popper listener!
      Why not get yourself a sheet
or a roll in honor of the day. See
how long it takes to pop all the
bubbles. Hope you pass your
own Pop Quiz and that all your
NEWS is good!

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