Friday, January 27, 2017


   FRIDAY, JANUARY 27TH., 2017

   We usually honor heroes and other special
people by celebration their birthdays.
   Today, however, we remember a man who
has influenced all of our lives on the date of
the day he PASSED away!
    I guess, in a sense, that's appropriate.
    He was important and we wouldn't want
to WASTE his memory.
    He died on January 27th., 1910.
    And today is "Thomas Crapper Day."
    For those of you who never heard of him
old Tommy is the man credited with
inventing the flush toilet!
    Actually, he didn't! But he did increase the
popularity of "the Throne" and came up with
improvements to make it more efficient.
    I found the day listed on a web site
dedicated to Bizarre and Wacky Holidays!
And this one certainly fits!
    Think about it! How does one "celebrate"
Crapper Day? I'm not going to touch this
    Still, I thought I ought to tell you about
it so you wouldn't get caught with your....
well you know the rest!
     Enjoy the day.......maybe with a good
book. Maybe you can find a good place
to sit and read. And remember Thomas
     Hope it all works out in the end and
that all your NEWS is good.

Thomas Crapper

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