Wednesday, August 31, 2016


              YARD WORK!

    I caught them working on the railroad
in Wilkes-Barre yesterday!
   Well, actually, they're working on a
 railroad station. It really caught my
interest because trains haven't stopped
there for many years! In fact, there's no
track there anymore.
     The "Yard work" that's underway
involves the demolition of Box cars
that had been attached to the station
when it was used as a restaurant and
night spot. I was surprised to see
all the work as I drove by.
       The classic station itself was
built by the Lehigh & Susquehanna
Railroad just after the Civil War
ended. No, I didn't cover the story
then. But I do remember it when the
Central Railroad of New Jersey still
had its tracks on what has become
Wilkes-Barre Boulevard. Passenger
service was stopped in 1963 and the
railroad closed the place in 1972.
        Since then the place was used
as a restaurant, night club, and a
motel. It was even a Playboy Club
for a short time!
        More recently the old station
became a hangout for homeless
people who broke in and spent
the night. I always thought the
place deserved to be saved and
it looks like that's going to happen.
       They won't bring back the
tracks, or the trains, or even the
"Bunnies." But the current plan
involves preserving the station and
leasing it for office and retail space.
       Once the old classic buildings
are gone they can't be replaced.
       Hope this plan works as
expected and that all your NEWS
is good. 

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