Monday, August 8, 2016


            NOW HEAR THIS!

      As some of you may know my
hearing isn't quite as keen as it was
a few years back. Since my wife
speaks in quiet and gentle tones I
am frequently heard to say...."What!?"
      It was thus with some doubt that
I entered the Mobile Sound Lab
parked in front of my son's home
on Saturday.
      His new job with the popular
DAS Company has him dealing
with all sorts of specialty equipment,
some of which involves audio systems
for trucks and cars.
      The Mobile Sound Lab, from
the Rockford Fosgate company, is
designed to show people the power
of some of the best audio speakers
and amplifiers in the world.
       Visitors are invited to sit in
the back of the unit while sound
is pumped through some very large
speakers. I figured I'd give it a try.
But I  wondered why I had to wear a
headset for the demonstration.
Shouldn't those powerful speakers
provide the sound?
         That's when I was informed
the "headset" was actually ear
protection which deadened most
sound. In fact when I put them on
I couldn't even hear my son speak
from three feet away!
            That's also when I found
out about the "Panic button" I was
to push when I had "heard enough."
            I'm told I lasted between
30 and 40 seconds before I pushed
the button! I'm not really sure how
much of the sound I actually heard.
I do know my chest was still
vibrating for a couple minutes after
I got out.
            I'll bet if I get one of those
systems for my house I'll never have
to ask "What?" again!
            Hope the neighbors don't
mind the vibrations...and that all
your NEWS is good!


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