Tuesday, August 16, 2016


       WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18TH., 2016
                      ON THE LEVEL!

           I was more than just a little impressed
   with the Doctor's office complex my wife
   and I visited in Philadelphia on Tuesday.
           Fancy building. Ultra modern
    equipment. And yet, I had to laugh.
          As I surveyed the patient exam room
    I saw something that seems to have
    become common everywhere I go even
    though a lot of people never ever notice.
           There, under one leg of what I'm sure is
     a very expensive examination table, was a
     small package. I have no idea what it
     contains or contained. But it was
     oblivious this small package is now being
     used as a support to make sure this
     piece of furniture is level.
           Within the past two weeks I've seen
      folded napkins used for the same purpose
      in area restaurants.
             Maybe it's just proof that the world
       is round! Or that floors aren't as level
       as their designers envisioned. Ever
       wonder why your soup looks deeper
       on one side of your bowl?
              Thankfully, as long as there are
        napkins, match books or the like it's
        easy to make your own correction!
               Hope your peas, or patients,
         don't roll onto the floor, and that
         all your NEWS is good!


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