Friday, August 12, 2016



     There was no shortage of sports on
television last night. Olympic coverage,
Little League regional playoffs, and
Professional boxing to name just a few.
      And yet, with all that choice, the
most covered contest, by both sports
and news, was the final game played
by Alex Rodriguez as a member of
the New York Yankees.
      I'm not really surprised. A-Rod
has been the center of attention, and
controversy, since he started his
career over 20 years ago.
      It's a little unfair. I started playing
Softball just after High School and I
pitched my last game three seasons
ago. I didn't get half the attention!
       Admittedly I didn't hit 696 Home
runs. But I probably gave up that
many as a pitcher!
       Home runs seems to make the
difference. There have been so many
great players over the years. But most
people tend to remember the names
of the guys that hit the most home runs!
        You know. Barry Bonds, Hank
Aaron, and a guy named Babe Ruth.
A-Rod is next on the list.
         He finally admitted to using
performance enhancing drugs. The
most I had during my playing days
was aspirin. And that usually came
after my games.
        But even with the controversy
Rodriguez has always been a big
draw. He helped fill our Rail Riders
Stadium in 2013 when he played
on a rehabilitation assignment. I
was one of those in the stands and
it was neat to see another Big Leaguer
play in our back yard.
       By the way, I played there too,
for WYOU a few years back. We
had won every game that season
including a tournament contest with
WNEP. Then we played the Marines!
       I knew we were in trouble when
they practiced in their Combat boots.
It turned out to be our only loss.
       I don't know if A-Rod is really
done for good or, perhaps, just with
the Yankees. I'd like to see him get
to the 700 home run mark with
      I suppose he's a lot more likely
to make a come back than me!
      Hope he does, I don't, and that
all your NEWS is good!

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