Monday, August 15, 2016


     TUESDAY, AUGUST 16TH., 2016
                 KNOCK KNOCK!

       So here's the thing. August 16th., is
 National Tell A Joke Day!
       Now to be totally honest there is
no legislation supporting this as a
"National" holiday. That in itself
seems funny since Congress has
provided us with some much
laughter through the years.
        Most of us keep an old favorite
joke tucked away for just the right
occasion. You know. You meet
somebody new and you want to impress
them with your sense of humor. Or
you're around the kids. That's better
yet because they haven't heard most of
the old classics.
         Here's a for instance. When I
leave my grand kids I remind them..
...."If you take a bath........put it back."
Of course I've now used it so many times
they give me the punch line!
         And you should see the look of
anguish on my wife's face when she
sees me approaching anyone eating a
banana. She knows all too well I'm
about to tell them....."Usually I don't
eat bananas."  Then, whether they ask
why or not, I explain...."After you
peal off the skin and throw away the
bone, there's nothing left!"
          By now you're probably
picking yourselves off the floor and
wondering why I didn't skip radio and
TV and go right into standup comedy.
         Well, while many jokesters are
fond of bragging they've "got a million
of them." I have to admit I've only got
about a half dozen."
          But that's still 5 more than my
wife who begins her "Knock Knock
joke" by asking you to do the "Knock
Knock" part! Think about it!
          Hope the jokes not on you today
and that all your NEWS is good!
(No kidding!)

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