Friday, August 5, 2016


                FARM HAND!

    One of my grand daughters spent
this past week "down on the farm."
Sort of!
     She became one of the "migrants"
taking part in a Vacation Bible School
at Saint Theresa's Church in the back
mountain. The staff created a farm
yard setting for this year's theme....
"Barnyard Roundup."
       The kids spent the week playing
games, doing crafts, and, in short,
having lots of fun together.
        Yesterday parents and grand
parents were invited out to the
"pasture" to watch as the children
shared their songs and encouragement
with all of us. And there was plenty!
         There was also a great "chow
line" similar to one you might find
when farm hands get together for
their daily lunch! My wife and I,
our grand daughter's other grand
mother, and our grandson joined
the picnic feasting on hot dogs,
potato salad, watermelon and
assorted other goodies.
          There was no field of
corn, wheat, soy or whatever.
But that's OK. You see in this
case the kids were the harvest
and judging from what I saw it's
a great crop!
          And that's really good

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