Monday, August 29, 2016


   TUESDAY, AUGUST 30TH., 2016
                TURNING 6!

       Our Grand daughter Mckenzie turned
  six today. In my case we're separated by
  some 68 years and a million developments
  in technology.
        When I was six you made a telephone
  call by picking up the phone and telling
  an operator the number you were calling.
         She already knows how to use her
  Dad's Smart phone and most of the
"Apps" on it. She had to tell me what an
"App" was!
         When I was six we gathered in the
 Living room each evening and listened
 to dramas and comedies on the radio. We
 didn't get TV for a few more years and
 when we did we only got about 12
         Her Living room features a TV
 that gets a hundred channels and plays
 movies on Netflix. But she usually
watches her own IPad.
          Like her I was headed to first
 grade when I was six. But she's already
 been in classrooms for the past two
 years! Pre-School and Kindergarten!
          Of course I used those extra two
 years without school to good advantage
 playing Cowboys and Indians and
 looking at comic books while listening
 to the Shadow on the radio.
            I liked when I was six and I
 think she'll enjoy it a lot too! We'll
 try to help make it fun for her!
           And maybe she can bring us
 up to date on electronics!
           Hope she has a wonderful
 Happy Birthday....and that all your
 NEWS s good!


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