Sunday, August 28, 2016


   MONDAY, AUGUST 29TH., 2016
               CROSS WORDS!

     My wife doesn't use the computer!
Occasionally I'll call her over to view
a photo or a post I think might interest
her. Otherwise where my laptop is
concerned it's "hand's off" where she
is concerned.
      Yesterday, however, we received
a Skype video call from one of her
sisters in Florida. And the next thing
I knew they were exchanging cross
      Oh! No! They weren't angry. They
were using my modern technology to
work on Cross Word Puzzles!
      They traded clues and guesses
back and forth with an occasional
question thrown at me...just in case
I might be able to add anything.
      Hearing them recite a clue and
then listening to an exchange that
sounded something like " B blank,
blank, K" or the like came close to
driving me crazy. Well crazier.
      Funny. I like a good mystery.
But I stay as far away as possible
from crossword or picture puzzles.
      Fortunately she has no idea
how to activate Skype!
      Hope she doesn't learn how
and that all your NEWS is good.


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