Saturday, August 27, 2016


    SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH., 2016
           GOOD, CLEAN, FUN!

     I took both our cars to a car wash
yesterday. One at a time of course!
     The Wyoming Warriors Girl's
Soccer Team hosted the event as a
fund raiser and the players handled
the hoses, sponges, and the elbow
grease. Of course the idea was to
get rid of the grease...on the cars.
     I sat inside while my grand
daughter and her team mates washed
our sedan. As I snapped photos from
the driver's seat I realized it wasn't
just the cars getting washed.
      Several of the players sported
hairdo's topped with foamy suds
and I doubt that anyone left the
place dry!
       Fortunately I had time to put
the top up before my Miata got in
the line of fire. Or, in this case,
       It was good to see some team
spirit that wasn't limited to the
playing field. And good to have
two clean vehicles as well.
      Hope they raised a lot of money,
got dry, and...that all your NEWS
is good!

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