Saturday, August 20, 2016


  SUNDAY, AUGUST 21ST., 2016
          KERNELS & KIN!

      My wife and I headed for the
tiny community of Zion Grove
yesterday for the 105th Singley
Family Reunion. Contrary to
rumors I have not attended all
of the annual meetings.
      We meet at a small church
where the reunion was born then
move to the Singley Farm for the
rest of the day.
      The highlight, of course, is
seeing cousins, some probably
4th and 5th removed, that you
only get to see there each year.
      But there's another! It's the
       The farm is surrounded by
corn fields that stand high above
the roadway. But that's "field corn."
       Just a short distance away
there's another farm where sweet
corn is the specialty!  Boxes of
ears of that corn are brought to
the reunion and placed on a
grill over a huge open fire. It's
cooked right in the husk which
you remove right before eating!
       There's butter available. But
the corn is so fresh and sweet you
don't necessarily need it.
        It was especially neat to watch
my one-year-old grandson dig his
teeth (all four or five of them) into
an ear leaving just a small channel
of missing kernels!
        Of course there was Bar-B-Q,
hot dogs, salads, and far too many
deserts as well.
        Some people think reunions
are "corny." In our case that turns
out to be a big attraction!
          Hope the kernels and the
kin keep coming and that all your
NEWS is good!


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