Wednesday, August 24, 2016


    THURSDAY, AUGUST 25TH., 2016

     My wife and I traveled to South
Williamsport Thursday to take in some
of the excitement of the Little League
World Series. We got plenty of that.
But there was more. Some great lessons
in diplomacy!
      Our first stop was at Volunteer
Stadium where kids from Mexico and
Australia met in an elimination game.
       The players and their families and
supporters all demonstrated respect for
one another from the time each team's
national anthem played until the game
had ended.
        Australia was overpowered in
this game managing just one hit. In
the last inning one of their batters
was beaned by the Mexican pitcher.
Fortunately his helmet saved him from
serious injury.
         As he stood on first base the
pitcher walked over to him, apparently
apologizing, and then shaking his hand.
The crowd, on both sides, applauded
both players.
         Off the field we found players
from around the world spending time
together, trading team pins and stories
about their experiences at the World
         And kids without uniforms
 from both here and there got along
just fine with their sheets of cardboard
as they slid down the hill behind the
outfield at nearby Lamade Stadium!
         We passed adults, most probably
parents, from some of those other
countries. There was always a smile
exchanged in passing and usually a
"hello" as well.
          The atmosphere there seemed
to reflect what most of us would like
the whole world to be like.
          If only world leaders, and maybe
a couple candidates, could come to
South Williamsport and learn some
lessons from the Little Leaguers!
         Hope those kids take those
lessons home with them and that all
your NEWS is good!

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