Sunday, August 21, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 22ND., 2016

    I suppose by now you're already
celebrating "National Tooth Fairy
Day." And that's to be expected.
    Who among us, especially
children, wouldn't want to honor
the Tooth Fairy?
      For most she's our first
introduction to Capitalism! Your
child loses a baby tooth, places it
under his or her pillow, and wakes
up to find the Fairy has taken the
tooth and left behind a financial
      That used to amount to about
a quarter. I'm told the Tooth
Fairy has given in to inflation and
now leaves anything from one to
ten dollars behind. If it goes much
higher I'll be tempted to yank out
a couple of my molars!
       We used to laugh at my
sister-in-law who once presented
her grown daughter with a string
of the girl's baby teeth as a
"sentimental present." Guess the
Tooth Fairy never got her hands
on those!
       Anyway, it turns out my
sister-in-law was just ahead of
her time!
       Doctors are now telling
parents to save the teeth because
they're a rich source of stem cells
and could be a big help in the
future. A new study revels those
stem cells can be used to grow
other types of cells.
       Later in life if the child needs
replacement tissues for whatever
reason, the stem cells from their baby
teeth can be used to grow the needed
     Of course they've got to be kept
"fresh" so keeping them in your
jewelry box won't do. There are
actually companies out there that
can safely store the teeth for years.
So, they're really very valuable!
     Maybe that's why the Tooth
Fairy wants so many of them!
      Now I'm wondering if my
Grandson has my DNA? Maybe
I can borrow one of his teeth when
it comes out and get my blond
hair back!
     Hope the Tooth Fairy doesn't
mind and that all your NEWS is

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