Wednesday, August 3, 2016


              STEAK OUT!

   My wife and I were invited to a
Steak dinner Wednesday. That's
not all that unusual. We've joined
other family members at some of
our area's fine Steak restaurants on
a number of occasions.
    What made this invitation unique
was the chef! Our 13-year-old
grandson was determined to host
a steak dinner...and to grill it
      Grilling is popular in our
family. My wife loves it because
if our grill is fired up, she is not
doing the cooking!
      My son is especially good
at it and offers up such treats as
hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and
his specialty....Salmon!
      Ryan decided it was his turn
to take on the tongs and meat
flipper and threw several prime
cuts on the grill!       
      The results were perfection!
Maybe next time my  grill is fired
up I can sit back with my wife
and simply enjoy the fixings!
      Hope he remembered to
shut off the gas and that all
your NEWS...and steaks....are

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