Tuesday, August 2, 2016


               CHECK THIS OUT!

      Regular readers of this daily blog know
that going shopping is not my favorite sport.
That said I have been improving with each
      I generally know the brands and
quantities we need at home. And, more
importantly, I have a pretty good idea
where most items are! That's the real
benefit of shopping at the same store
most of the time.
      Hitting a store you don't usually
frequent is a little like trying to find
your way around New York City on your
first visit!
        It can become a little frustrating
to fill your cart in record time only to
find a traffic jam at the checkout lane!
        Of course there are things to do
while you're waiting. There's always
a stack of items you didn't come to
get that are, none the less, calling
out to you. You know. Candy bars.
Charcoal lighters (you question
whether the one you have back home
should be replaced), and a whole lot
of newspapers that, unlike your
daily local publication, have uncovered
major stories the others have somehow
missed. They usual feature alien
sightings, Hollywood starlets, or
advice on how to lose 50 pounds in
a week or less.
       Another popular waiting game
is specifically designed for the "Quick
check out lane." You find yourself
counting all the items the person in
front of you is taking out of his or
her cart to see if they're really at or
under the 20 item maximum.
        And now, I've outdone myself!
On Tuesday we found ourselves in
need of one item and at a store we
don't usually shop. It was, however,
in the same chain of stores so I
hoped the layout would be similar
to our regular stop.
        Armed with this confidence I
went in, walked straight to the
general area where our product
would usually be kept, found it in
just a couple minutes and then.....
checked myself out in the "Self
Check Out Section!"
        Having the machine dispense
my change made me feel like I
just won at the casino!
        Hope I got it all...and that
all your NEWS is good!




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