Monday, August 1, 2016


    TUESDAY, AUGUST 2ND., 2016

   It was a year ago last night! My wife
and I rushed to the hospital. Although
neither of us was sick!
     My son had called to tell us
our daughter-in-law had gone
into labor!
      My wife and I long before
had made it a policy to be in the
waiting room when our grandkid's
decide to get born so we headed to
the hospital as soon as we got his
       We arrived about 11:30 at night.
I remember thinking the waiting room
may have doubled as a meat locker
for hospital workers. The air temperature
seemed to have been set with
Antarctica in mind.
      After a long trip and given the hour
it seemed wise to get a little sleep while
we waited. We were then faced with a
serious decision. Did we keep our coats
on as protection against the cold or use
them as pillows?
       I choose the pillow option. Ever
try to fold a coat or jacket over the
armrest of a chair so that it resembles
something soft? Sorry Charlie.
       Then there was the soda machine.
It willingly accepted my dollar bills.
But it rejected my quarters. Unfortunately
the soft drinks were a dollar fifty! After
several tries it finally realized my coins
were good too and released my
        As it turned out, it was well worth
the chill and the wait. Around 9:30 on
August 2nd., 2015 Anthony David DeCosmo
entered this world and all of its wonders
to begin his life among us!
        Today marks his first Birthday!
He has captured our hearts and made me
feel young again!
        Happy Birthday Anthony! May
all your NEWS be good!!!!


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