Sunday, July 31, 2016


   MONDAY, AUGUST 1ST., 2016
           TWO DOG NIGHT!

       My story begins on Valentine's
Day a few years back. A friend of
my wife's got us a unique Valentine's
Day present.
       Two plush dogs, one holding a
heart. Push the paw on one of them
and they burst into a rendition of
"I Got You Babe" complete with
the voices of Sonny and Cher.
       I must admit it took about 5
plays for the novelty to wear off
and the two hounds to be placed
on the shelf.
       Fast forward to about 10
months ago. Our new grandson,
then about two-months-old, pays
a visit and I caught his eyes looking
towards the two stuffed dogs. I
press the paw and they sing out as
his face brightens in a huge smile!
      Every time he's entered the
house since then, unless he comes
in sleeping, he searches for the
dogs and waits for me to activate
the music.
      As his first Birthday approached
I began searching for a twin set we
could offer as a present. Unfortunately
an exact match was not possible. But
we did find two other plush dogs that
"knew" the same song and the look
on his face when he and his Mom
opened the present told me my wife
and I had made a good choice.
     That said, it occurred to me that
parents are not always so pleased
with gifts that make, or allow a child
to make, a lot of noise. So I wrote and
attached a note to our "musical gift"
for their consideration. Allow me to
share it with you.
                 NOISY TOYS
                 Kid's gifts can make you crazy
    when they're drums and "noisy stuff."
                 But allow me to remind you of
     a thought I got from "Puff."
                  "A dragon lives forever.
      But not so Little Boys."
      All too soon there's silence,
      from all those "noisy toys."
                   So have patience when you
       hear them....though the roof may
       shake above.
                   All those sounds that fill
        your home.....are the sounds of
        children's love!

                   Hope those dogs keep
singing and that all your NEWS is good!



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