Thursday, July 28, 2016


     FRIDAY, JULY29TH., 2016

      I don't know how close you really
watch the news on TV.
      I know from my days on the beat
that most people don't pay a whole
lot of attention except, perhaps, to
that dramatic sound bite that leads
any given story.
       I also know that a lot of news
people take it on the chin for being
bias. Truth is it's the audience that's
usually bias. Viewers have pre-conceived
notions about issues and when people
being interviewed express positions
contrary to those of the viewer it's the
reporter, or the station, or the network
that gets the blame for airing the
        But whether you agree or disagree
we're still getting the news we need.
Last night offered a perfect example.
        I was only half watching, as most
viewers do, when I caught the fact that
Thursday was National Chili Dog Day!
 I had completely forgotten! Or, perhaps,
never knew it in the first place!
         In any case, having been properly
informed, I called one of my area Hot
Dog stands and immediately ordered
"three, with everything, to go!" (After
all I had to get one for my wife too!)
         Within the hour we were
"celebrating" as we consumed the
foot longs as a tribute to this unusual,
and little known, holiday!
          Hope you'll pay more attention
now....and that all your NEWS is good!

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