Sunday, July 10, 2016


   MONDAY, JULY 11TH., 2016

      Getting a little claustrophobic?
Feel like you need more elbow
room? Well don't be surprised.
       This is World Population
Day and according to the people
who keep track of things, you're
now sharing the planet with well
over 7 Billion people!
        World Population Day is an
opportunity to celebrate our common
humanity and our diversity. It is also
a reminder of our shared responsibility
to care for each other. In view of
contemporary headlines this could
be a very important celebration!
        My wife and I did our part to
help get the world to this impressive
figure. Coincidentally our daughter
Melissa celebrates her birthday on
this day. She made 7/11 special
for us back in 1973. She's one of
three we added to the count and all
of them have now contributed as well.
        Hope a lot of people note
the meaning of this day and that
all your NEWS is good!

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