Wednesday, July 6, 2016


   THURSDAY, JULY 7TH., 2016

   It's been a long long time since
WARM ruled the radio waves in
northeastern Pennsylvania. But
when it did many people voiced
its popular motto  "It's only
WARM for me."
   Well Wednesday turned out to
be just a little too warm for me!
One of the TV weather forecasters
claimed a high temperature of 92
degrees. But my indoor/outdoor
thermometer showed a 100 degree
outdoor reading at 6:30 pm with a
90 degree reading before we got
home and turned on the air
    The "snow birds" who head
north every year for the summer
must think they made a wrong
turn. Now you know why so many
leave the sunshine state between
March and September!
    Hey, I'm up for 75 to 80 degrees
most any day! But go much higher
than that and add high humidity
and you can feel the energy drain
out of your body as you search
for an icy drink, shade, a chair,
and AC where ever possible.
     Hope you remember the
suntan lotion and that all your
NEWS is good!

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