Friday, July 1, 2016


    SATURDAY, JULY 2ND., 2016
           THE ALIEN ISSUE!

      I'm hearing and reading a lot
about concern over aliens these
days. July 2nd is a day that has
been set aside to focus on the
controversy! It is World UFO
       Oh. You thought I meant
those "other aliens." No. The
question about these aliens has
been confronting us since 1947!
That's the date the so-called
"Roswell Incident" took place.
        A rancher in New Mexico
discovered wreckage of a metallic
object on his property and reported
it to the military which removed
the debris and initially labeled it
as coming from an Unidentified
Flying Object.
       The official story later changed.
But many people believe that's
because of a government cover
up/ Who ever heard of anything
like that ever happening?
        Back in the late 50's and
early 60's I was a volunteer member
of the Ground Observer Corps. I
and my fellow volunteers manned
control tower like observation
posts and scanned the skies for
aircraft in the hope of heading off
a Russian attack on the United
       I've heard tell a couple of
our volunteers reported a UFO
in the area above our post in
Hazleton. Then there were
reports on a UFO coming down
in a Carbondale pond in 1974
        I never saw anything
that couldn't be identified.
       But what if the aliens are
actually out there? And with
ill intentions! I don't think a wall
would keep them matter
who paid for it!
        So today is a day to join
others, throughout the world,
in discussing the issue. Heck
it might even make a good
topic for politicians running
for office!
       Of course there's always
the possibility the aliens who
came to Roswell are already
here and living among us.
Maybe some ARE politicians!
That could account for their
strange behavior!
        Hope you're watching
the skies and that all your
NEWS is good!


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